Customize Aero Models

Aviotron team is expertise in making custom made models for our customers as per thier specific requirements. Several different types and genres of models were designed, developed and then created. They all differed according to our customer requests and each model is as unique as the customer. During development, we standardised the scale of the models to ensure that our finished products would fulfil the visions of our customers whilst, at the same time, allowing us to realistically render the details and to bring the costs in line with expectation.

This approach ensures that our models depict the prototype as faithfully as possible.

Models of the classic kits

The technology used allows for choice of colour and marking livery, equipment, armament etc.It is possible to design and create a single or even multiple unique model(s) made with your specific requirements in mind.We can, if you wish, even copy the materials and build techniques used on the original in order to provide you with an absolute replica.For example, we can create WW1 aircraft made from wood and fabrics.

Models for Interior purposes ( Hotel/Restaurant/ Cafe)

Of course, we can and do produce models as gifts or for promotional and advertising purposes.

It is even possible to deliver a model together with the real thing. We can recreate the actual aircraft , and Ship models being delivered to a customer with a perfect scale replica. We will ensure that the model is ready for when the real thing is about to ship. How great is that?

Our Recent Work